Februari 2020

Expo, New York, USA.





NY NOW® is the gateway to the world of eclectic design. Where colour, shape, texture, and aroma speak in a unique language. Twice a year, an in-person wholesale market in America’s design capital.

Mirjam represented Femke Kleisen Design in New York. It was another great experience to show our FK jewellery in America again.

We were part of a team that, together with the Department of Trade and the JCSA from South Africa, exhibited our jewellery.


The enthusiasm with which they responded to the designs was overwhelming. The unique fauna and flora of South Africa was well received by the American public. Mirjam represented South Africa with passion and returned enriched, along with her fellow South Africans. It was at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, and we are happy that everyone stayed healthy.




September 2019

Paris, France

Bijorcha Paris

The international jewellery show


For the second time it was an even better experience to show my series as Femke Kleisen Designs at the Bijorhca fair in Paris. Due to the better location, more visitors visited the colourful arrangement with various goldsmiths and jewellers from South Africa.

Bijorhca, the international trade fair entirely devoted to jewellery, watches and gift items. Every year, visitors from the fields of fashion, jewellery, ready-to-wear, gift shops, department stores and purchasing offices meet here many designers of jewellery and fashion jewellery from all over the world.

This exhibition offers visitors in the fashion capital the opportunity to discover innovative trends and find inspiration.

It was also an inspiring experience for me!

FK Designs, along with the Department of Trade and the JCSA, was part of 20 exhibitors representing South Africa.






Pretoria, South-Africa


Experience exceptional art



Visit Kuns Uniek at Chappiesweg, 331, Lynnwood and experience amazing art from SA’s most renowned artists. A variety of paintings, jewellery, pottery, sculptures, leather products, scatter cushions and more

It is with great pleasure to exhibit again at Kuns Uniek, together with other well-known South African artists.


It is a privilege to exhibit together with Jenny Boon and Esra Bosch, both of these artists are a great inspiration to me.



September 2018

Paris, France

Bijorcha Paris

The international jewellery show


This was such an amazing experience to represent Femke Kleisen Designs at the Bijorhca trade show in Paris.

Bijorhca is an international trade fair completely dedicated to the topics fine jewellery, watches, gold and gift items. Visitors in the fields of fashion, fine jewellery, confection, gift shops, department stores and purchase offices will meet lots of jewellery and fashion jewellery designers from all over the world at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. More than 500 exhibitors offer the visitors a unique and welcoming atmosphere in the capital of France, the “City of Light”.

International exhibitors and visitors also offer the opportunity to discover innovative trends of tomorrow and to get inspired from Paris, the city of fashion. Visitors can inform themselves thoroughly and comprehensively about the latest developments, trends, services and products from various fields.

FK Designs was part of 20 exhibitors representing South Africa together with DTI and JCSA.



June 2018

Las Vegas, USA

JCK Las Vegas

The  jewelry industry’s leading annual trade event



Annalize van Zyl, exhibition project managers, organised this stunning event in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry (the DTI) and the Jewellery Council of South Africa. We travelled all the way to Las Vegas where the four-day event kicked-off at the Mandalay Bay Resort.

JCK Las Vegas is a jewellery event in North America open to all jewellery professionals. Each year, the industry gathers where the latest awe-inspiring local and international art-pieces are showcased. JCK Las Vegas is the jewellery industry’s leading annual trade event bringing together over 30,000 of the world’s most influential industry professionals. JCK’s all-encompassing expansive collections of jewellery, gems, timepieces and services make it a premier destination to discover what’s new and next in the fine jewellery market. The experience at JCK goes beyond business; it’s personal, uniting a community that is shaping the future of the jewellery industry.

This was truly an overwhelming experience.






Pretoria, South Africa


Experience exceptional art





Enrich your home.

Kuns Uniek was initiated by Marie Spruyt to exhibit fine art in a homely environment. She reached out to me regarding my FK collection which is now on display in her Lynnwood dwelling.



It is such a pleasure and a privilege to exhibit at Kuns Uniek, together with other well-known South African artists.

It is a real escape to wander around and see all the artworks that are uniquely exhibited in a superb and cosy atmosphere.

Here you can experience fine art in different mediums, colours, forms, texture, lines and styles that are used in jewellery, ceramics, glass work, sculptures and paintings.

April 2017

Florida, USA

JIS Florida 

Jewellers International Showcase (JIS) Florida

 Jewellers International Showcase


JIS is a trade-only jewellery “buying and selling” event in its’ fourth decade serving the jewellery industry. Each JIS Show is specifically timed to meet the seasonal buying needs of retailers from South America, the United States, and beyond.

JIS is one of the largest Jewellery Trade Shows in the Western hemisphere and the most popular in the region.  At JIS, leading world-wide Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Jewellery market and sell their products and services to thousands from around the world.

The DTI and Jewellery Council of South Africa chose 20 jewellers to represent South Africa at the event and approached me to showcase my FK Designs collection.

It was a privilege to exhibit at Ft. Lauderdale Convention Centre in Florida.



Dullstroom, South Africa

Dimotrov Art Gallery 

https://www.tripadvisor.com art gallery

Kruger Park

Maps Dullstroom

Femke Kleisen Designs was invited to exhibit at the Dimitrov Art Gallery in the picturesque town of Dullstroom, Mpumalanga.

Dullstroom, also known as Emnothweni, is a precious little town and worth visiting on your way to the Kruger National Park.

The indigenous trees from Limpopo and Mpumalanga inspired me to design pendants with the Baobab tree and Camel Thorn tree. On the background of the silver pendants I used a black patina oxide to compliment the natural characteristic lines of the trees.



Oudtshoorn, Karoo, South Africa


Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees 




The Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) is an Afrikaans arts festival that is presented annually in Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape. The festival includes both visual and performing arts. It is one of the largest arts festivals in South Africa.



Together with the well-known artist, Marlien van Heerden, I introduced my new FK Designs series with Afrikaans words.



The ostrich (volstruis)  as “ONDEKKINGSTOG” is so unique to Oudtshoorn.

The giraffe (kameelperd) as “KYK WYD”,

The oryx (gemsbok) as “STAAN SAAM” 

And the warthog (vlakvark) as “VOORLOPER”

Then our national fish, the blackfish (galjoen) as “EK EN JY”

And our national bird the blue crane (kraanvoël) as “NUWE HOOGTES


Pretoria, South Africa

Glenfair Boulevard

Art Exhibition


Glenfair Boulevard is situated along the East of Pretoria on the corner of Lynnwood & Glenwood Road. This community shopping centre’s layout boasts lovely open spaces that are ideal for exhibiting unique artworks. Famous artist Marlien van Heerden organised the event and along with artworks from several local artists that were on display, made the event truly memorable.

This was wonderful starting point to launch my new FK Design collection.